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The 17th century, Europe. A period marred by devastating wars and religious conflict.
You are unpaid mercenaries, disillusioned musketeers, scarred pikemen, desperate deserters, plundered peasants, overtaxed burghers, doubting priests and former nobles. 

Now you’re tired and worn-out. You’ve had enough of this shit.
You eye a golden opportunity, presenting itself amidst the chaos of the situation. 
Can you secure a good prize for yourselves, or even less likely, do what's right?

Pike & Shot
is a short supplement written for use with Into the Odd, which was originally created by Chris McDowall (bastionland.com). It has alternate rules for character generation and a scenario generator for a 17th century setting.

Please consider

Europe in the 17th century was a place and time of social injustice. War was just as horrible then as it is today. Historical accuracy can be interesting, but is not necessary. You may potentially play people doing bad things. Check in and make sure everyone playing is comfortable with this and on the same page. Use safety tools. Treat people from the past with empathy. Hold historical persons responsible for their actions.

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Install instructions

To make a 4-page A5 booklet, print doublesided and flip on short edge before folding in half.