Resolution mechanic for tabletop adventure games
Exploration adventure for Cairn
Narrative tool for old school one-shots
Adventure for We Deal In Lead
17th century supplement for Into the Odd
One page dungeon point-crawl adventure
24-room dungeon exploration adventure for Cairn
Snowy pointcrawl exploration adventure for Cairn
A dungeon exploration game about desperate commoners who have one shot to find fortune
4d20 table inspired by Norwegian rock bands
Cairn pocketmod character sheet
2D20 spark table for use with Electric Bastionland
For Cairn and other Into the Odd based games
5d20 random table
Rock-paper-scissors based RPG for playing when sitting around the campfire out in the wilderness in the cold winter
An Electric Bastionland horror investigation hack
Et stressende brekkspill som tar én time
Et eventyrspill for 2-5 spillere
Oppskrift og inspirasjon
Eventyr for Electric Bastionland